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Common Questions

  • Overall Goals. Communication and collaboration between the project manager and the client to map out the features and functions of the website.  Who are your customers, how will we add value and attract more of them to your website?
  • Menu & Page Flowchart. Mapping out the menu, its main pages, and supporting pages that will make up the navigation for the website as a whole. We want visitors to get where they want to go as easily as possible.
  • Interface Design. The custom process of creating the look and feel of the website based on the business brand, the goals of the project, and the intended audience or audiences involved. We want visitors to quickly understand what you offer and how to get where they need to go, regardless of the device.
  • SEO Worksheet. The keyword-focused approach used to ensure individual pages within the website are constructed with the purpose of being found in Google.  Utilizing best practices of content, programming, and planning, we can help increase the opportunity that Google will respect your site.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Integration. Programming the custom graphics, features, functions, and page flowchart into the content management system. This is the brain of the website and how you will edit and manage your pages moving forward.
  • ContentThis process will typically take the most of your time.
  • Content Review. A thorough review of grammar, forms, and functions to ensure your site is ready to be seen by the world.
  • Quality Assurance / Go-Live Process. Includes testing to ensure all links work as they should, the website appears as it should across multiple browsers and devices, that the overall functionality desired is operational, and that the site is ready to be published for the world to see.

Our talented team works to ensure that each website we build is a valuable marketing tool geared toward achieving your goals.

In summary, our services include:

  • An account manager who will take a keen interest in your business goals
  • Design & marketing advice to make your website a promotional machine
  • A project managed with purpose and precision so you know what to expect
  • Google-friendly content strategies to help you rank high in search results
  • An enormously detailed go-live review to ensure it works and looks good in all browsers
  • Support when you need it, answers when you ask, and prompt, personal attention throughout

You bet. A couple of thoughts here.

  1. Your site may not need a physical rebuild. It may just need some messaging work, some reorganization, and a look through the eyes of your customer.
  2. If your site is built on a tool like WordPress or a content management system that you have access to, content optimization and some website best practices may be a fantastic first step to leveling up your online game.

We follow a comprehensive quality assurance check to make sure the website we build with you functions as it should and works as it should in a variety of browsers and on multiple devices. Should an issue arise that is directly related to the programming and development of the site, we will work to correct the issue at no cost to you. Should issues arise from deleted content, deleted pages, or errors while updating the site that require our services, we will discuss prior to engaging and billing. Bottom line is we want to be fair and want you to trust that your site will work as it should.

Do we ever.

Out of the box ready for mobile.

Our websites are designed to automatically resize depending on the device it is getting viewed on as well as offer mobile-only feature buttons so that phone viewers have shortcuts to high priority areas.

It’s like there’s a little brain in there telling the site what to do. Very cool stuff.

  • We register the domain name (if you do not have one already) in your name.
    • If you have purchased the website, you own it.
  • Should you be renting the website, it remains yours for as long as rental is honoured.
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